May 9, 2017

2017 Trends 2017 for Patio Furniture 

1.  Organic Textures
Natural and more organic textures in woven furniture frames, fabrics, and faux stone. Vinyl wicker manufacturers are producing more realistic textures for the frames. The result is a beautiful piece that you have a hard time discerning that from the real thing! Faux stone made to resemble concrete or wooden planks is another trending texture as shown on the fire pits below.


2.    Grays
Grays in varying shades are big again. You’ll find more gray options in fabrics, metals, wickers, fire pit tops and accessories than ever before. Looking to blend gray into your heavily brown-toned décor? Look for a shade of gray that has a taupe or brown undertone to easily coordinate.

3.    Outdoor Rooms    
There is more emphasis on the outdoor room and extending the “living room” and kitchen outside. Mimicking indoor décor designs and styles for a seamless look and extension of your home. Patio furniture is constantly trying to be more like indoor furniture and replicating as much comfort and design as you would find in your living room.  Expanding from just a dining set to outdoor sectionals, swivel & rocking chairs, lighting, heaters, and much more will make your outdoors just as comfortable as indoors.

4.    Blues
Blues are hot once again. From navy to denim to blue-grays there’s something for every home. Not a fan of a large piece of furniture in blue? Opt for blue pillows, a blue umbrella or simple blue dining seat cushions.

5.    Occasional Height Fire Pits
    Fire pits designed to sit lower to the ground at coffee table height are a new trending item this season. With more options available this year in sizes and designs you’ll be able to find the perfect fire pit for your seating arrangement. Remember most of these lower fire pits do require a small tank size or you can have a professional hook them up to a natural gas line.

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