December 18, 2017

6 Outdoor Living Design Trends to Consider

1. Outdoor Living

One of the biggest and most continuous trends there is today are three-season outdoor living spaces. It’s the ideal space for endless design ventures and possibilities. From fireplaces, fire pits to misters, shades, pergolas and lighting, you create the perfect environment for your family and friends to enjoy all year long. Homeowners can also create permanent outdoor living spaces with outdoor fabrics for their outdoor furniture, which are fade-resistant and waterproof. And who doesn’t want to spend more time in the backyard anyways – great way for all of us to unwind and enjoy some quality time together or just relax by yourself in the comfort of your own backyard!

2. Native Plants

What better way to add some live greenery to your outdoor space than by having native plants growing in your backyard? It’s a good idea do a little bit of research and find out what types of plants are native to where you live. This way, you know that your plants will naturally adapt to the landscape, including any soil conditions and difficult environments, and your plants will grow with little effort and last you a extended period of time.

3. Water Features

When designing your outdoor space, one of the top trends you will see today are water features that are incorporated in the landscape design that create a serene environment. There are several different choices for adding water features to your design such as a fountains, ponds, and water walls- which creates a high-end feature to your design. Whatever option that you decide to go with, just know that you will be enjoying the sound of water in your own sanctuary from the comfort of your own home.

4. Low Maintenance

We all have busy schedules and limited free time so when it comes to keeping your backyard clean and beautiful, low maintenance is the way to go! This way, you get to spend more time enjoying your outdoor space rather than having to upkeep it with as much hard work. Another great benefit is that your watering needs will be lower – and who doesn’t want to pay less for their water bill during this drought? You can add Mulch, which will enrich your plants and insulate the soil, so that you will not have to water them so much. Another tip is to plant more garden beds and to use groundcover so that you reduce the size of your labor demanding lawn.

5. Garden Art

A great element of design in your landscape might include blended gardens which would integrate edibles and decorative plants in your garden. It’s an ideal solution for gardeners to harvest their fruits, vegetables and herbs and also enjoy spending time in their backyard that is filled with diverse green scenery. You can also include abstract and playful art such as hanging wind catchers or statues in your garden that would add some more unique charm to your outdoor space.

6. Conservation

This trend is probably the most known and vital when it comes to your outdoor design space. It has become more common for people to think about the different ways they can lower their carbon footprint on our environment. A great start for this is to grow your own vegetables and fruits to eat, which is pretty popular these days. Also, making your own compost for your gardens is a great way to enrich your soil and plant growth. Composting is actually a key ingredient in organic farming which is easy to make, free and good for the environment. Permeable pavement, which allows the movement of stormwater to move through the surface and also traps suspended solids and filters contaminants from the water, is another option for your outdoor space. An example of this is Turfstone, which allows greenery to grow right through it. Not only is it helpful for your soil, but it can add style to your design, creating an eco-friendly design that harmonizes with nature.