August 26, 2016

Benefits of Solar Shades


In just about every aspect of life, technology has accelerated change. New inventions that were once thought of as the impossible are now becoming a reality. One example of this is a smart home, which you will find full of smart tvs, hi-tech security systems, and even a smart sprinkler system for your backyard. Another great addition to add to your home that would add to the smart mix are motorized solar shades. These solar shades create the perfect solution for heat control, privacy, UV protection and comfort, especially when you want to get more use out of your outdoor patio or sunroom.

Most of us live close to our neighbors homes or have a second story home, making your home and backyard space less private from one another. Solar Shades allow you to have more privacy since they block the view from the outside, even though you can see through the shades from under the patio or inside the house. The next time you throw a party in your backyard or get together with friends, consider getting solar shades to create a more intimate and comfortable environment.

Convenience is one benefit that you will get out of solar shades. With the push of a button, you can roll down your shades and enjoy spending some time with your friends and family under your patio cover without the glare of the sun in your face. Also, the shades are custom built to fit almost any size and shape of windows and patio covers.

With our summer heat and triple degree heat waves, our AC is constantly running, causing our energy bill to rise. Installing solar shades will reduce household temperatures by 10 to 15 degrees. You will also save up to 35% on air conditioning consumption, helping you to put away more money into your pocket.

Solar Shades also protect against fading of outdoor furniture, draperies, rugs and carpets so you won’t have to worry about replacing your patio furniture for a long time. Also, the shade is made of extremely tough and long-lasting outdoor fabric. It’s made to block off 90% of the harmful uv rays from the sun.
Not only do solar shades increase privacy, convenience, lower your energy bill cost and protect your furniture, they enhance value and improve the appearance of your home or outdoor living space. The next time you step out under your patio cover or go to close the house blinds from the sunshine, consider solar shades for your home.

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