September 30, 2016

Louvered Opening Roof – A New Modern Trend

Backyards have evolved from a simple outdoor concept with a pool, patio, and deck to a modern outdoor living area complete with a full kitchen, sitting area, living area, and an entertainment system. With every homeowner wanting to completely transform their outdoor living environment into an extension of their living space, gazebos, pergolas, and patio covers are more in demand than ever. To complement their beautiful design, custom and feature-rich covers are in demand.

The standard cookie cutter patio covers are a thing of the past and the automated louvered systems are taking over. Talking with a few outdoor contactors in the bay area, automated louvered systems make up more than 50% of their total business. With the new louvered roofs, homeowners are able enjoy their outdoor space no matter what the weather conditions are. Whether it would rain, shine, or snow, your automated louvered roof would adapt to those conditions and you would be able to enjoy our outdoor living environment year round.

For contractors, there is not much difference from building your custom cover to building any other structure in the backyard, the same building principles apply. Your contractor also needs to make sure that building code is being followed not just for the structure but for any electrical or gas hookups that need to be moved to accommodate your features. Contractors also need to be aware of not only the homeowner’s property but the surrounding neighbors’ as well. Make sure that your contractor lays down plywood or any other necessary protection needed to not destroy any other landscaping you might have.

Cleanup is also a big factor when it comes to construction. Not only cleaning up any boxes or dirt but cleaning up any mess on the street from unloading materials or just and dirt that gets trafficked back and forth. We at West Coast Exteriors not only do all of the following but we also make sure that if we get your windows or any other part of the house dirty or dusty that we clean that up as well, and would like to set that standard for other contractors working on outdoor projects.

The biggest markets for outdoor living construction are warmer to hot climates like Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, etc. Since the demand for automatic opening roof systems, we are seeing demands in colder climates like the Dakotas as well. Since you can have the protection in the winter and the exposure in the summer, your aluminum opening roof system will adapt to any condition that mother nature will bring. To save money and get the best deals from your contractor, try to have your contractor do the other work in your backyard as well, like fencing, automated blinds, privacy screens, windows, siding, and more. The more work you can give your contractor the cheaper the work will be.

Here at West Coast Exteriors, we have a great selection of opening roof systems that can accommodate your needs including your budget. These visible structures and not only increase the value of your house but can provide a beautiful extension of your living environment.

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